The 90’s Live On





Punk teaser final- met



And I’m talking allllllll of the 90’s trends. There are overalls, baggy jeans, leather jackets, crop tops, ripped denim, plaid button-downs, and the list goes on.

But hey … at least scrunchies have stayed firmly planted in that decade.

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Key Piece: The Embroidered Dress


Nothing says “the warm weather is finally here” quite like an embroidered white dress… and I particularly loooooove how this one is styled.  From the bold red lip and perfectly tousled hair to the edgy, geometric cuff- it’s all just perfection.

Photo: Vogue Spain

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Monday Style Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

Dear Miranda Kerr- I think I love you.

6 multi 4 multi Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr holds onto her hat in windy New York City as she goes out with her dog Frankie leather shorts 5 multi son multi

After I get over my initial jealousy when looking at photos of her, I’m able to break down her style and see that it’s actually do-able for the rest of us real people.

The real beauty of her ensembles is actually in their simplicity- Kerr goes for fairly basic outfits pulled together with a few key things: an amazing pair of shoes, a killer scarf, a skilled mixture of lengths, and just enough ‘trend’ to look up to date without trying too hard.  And as always, be sure to make sure the items are tailored to fit you perfectly.  You can get away with a multitude of sins if your clothes fir you to a T… not that you should  :)

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Words of Wisdom

fashion- chanel
life is too short
style is eternal

Sometimes we all need a reminder  :)

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